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Lending Parameters

Collateral Type:                First Trust Deed (First Mortgage).

                                           Will consider a 2nd Trust Deed on case by case                                             basis.

Loan Amounts:                 $30,000 to $3,000,000.

Loan Application:             Same-day approval in most cases.

Approval Process:            

Location:                           Clark County, Nevada.

Closing Time:                   Typically, 4-7 business days from receipt of                                                     application.

Loan Type:                         Purchase, Refinance, Bridge, Renovation, Fix &                                             Flip, Land, Cash Out, and Rehab.

Loan To Value:                  Up to 80%.

Loan To                             Up to 80% including renovation costs.

Completed Value:          

Interest Rates:                  10.0% – 12.5% interest only (on First Trust Deeds)

                                          12.0% – 14.0% on vacant land. 

Pre-Payment Penalty:      No Pre-payment penalty.

Loan Term:                        3-24 months.

Credit Check:                   No Credit Check.                         

Origination Fee:              2.0% of the loan amount (3.0% for loans under                                                $100,000).

Closing Costs:                 Standard third-party costs such as title and                                                      escrow.

Appraisal:                         No appraisal. 

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