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Loans serve many different purposes. Whether you are looking to invest in a renovation property, buy a new home before you sell your current home, receive an inheritance before the probate process is complete, or simply want to pay off high interest debt, we offer a wide range of loans to meet specific financial situations.

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Loan applicants must have a minimum of 20% down to secure the loan and have a minimum of 20% equity in the property to refinance.

Borrower has to show ability to make the monthly loan payments, as well as provide plan for the property, for example fix the property and sell it, hold it long term, use it as a rental

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Lending parameters must be met in order for employment-related assets to be used as qualifying income:

Lending Parameter. Requirement. Maximum LTV (Loan to Value), and CLTV (Completed Loan to Value), are both taken into consideration when qualifying a property for a private money loan. 80% of the property's value is commonly used.

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